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Championship Manager 01/02 Free-legal-full download

Eidos have relaunched the brand new Championship Manager website with a free download of the full game of Championship Manager 01/02 known as probably one of the best ever football management games. This game is now updated to 08/09, with backgrounds, menubars and many more additions all for free.

Click here to download the file then follow the instructions below.

Do to security within the game; you must copy the game image on to a CD. To do this you must have ISO burning software on your PC. This software is free and will not harm your PC in any way.

It is a SIMPLE PROCESS and you should playing CM 01/02 in next to no time.

1. Download CM 01/02 to an area of your PC.
2. Once downloaded you will have to burn the game to a CD using the ISO Burning software mentioned. This software can be downloaded here ttp://
3. When both the game and ISO burner software are on your PC, please follow the instructions below. These instructions will also appear on the website for the ISO Burner Software.

Steps to create a CD if you have downloaded Active@ ISO Burner:

1. Download the ISO CD image to a folder on your computer.
2. Insert a blank CD in your CD-RW drive.
3. Run Active@ ISO Burner.
4. Type the path to ISO image file or click Browse button to locate it via standard File Open dialog.
5. Click the [BURN ISO!] button to start the process of writing ISO image to CD.

Burning Settings
Click the "Settings" link to open Burner Settings dialog. Default settings are shown below.

Available settings are:

Finalize Media - after burning is complete performs media finalizing (takes some time)

Perform BURN-Proof - sets the status of BURN-Proof (Buffer Under RuN error Proof) flag which helps in protection from BURN error.

Perform OPC - sets the status of flag for performing OPC, before burning. Performing OPC is a special technique used in newer CD-Recorders for monitoring and maintaining the quality of the disc writing and ensuring the accuracy of all the mark and lands lengths across the disc. The term Performing OPC actually describes a general process which is also known by several trade names including "Dynamic Power Control (DPC)" and "Direct Read During Write (DRDW)". There may be differences in execution which gives some of these implementations competitive advantages over others.

Default rewritable media erase - if media type is re-writable (CD-RW, DVD-RW, etc.) checking this option will automatically erase media every time before burning starts. If turned off - dialog pops up asking to confirm erase action. Erasing takes some time.

Default Max write speed - if turned on - burner has been set up to use maximum writing speed. If turned off - one step below maximum.

Cache Buffer Size - size of the cache buffer in megabytes. Gives a basic level of Buffer Under RuN Error Protection using software buffers. The data, to be burnt, is kept in the system RAM, before it is burnt to the disc.

Championship Manager 01/02 (Tactics, Trainings, Graphics, Updates, Players)


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