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Football Manager 2008 Hints, Cheats, Secrets

Easy Money
To get easy money without starting a new game all you need to do is download the FMModifier 2.21 then search your team, change thier money, and press save and then you have heaps of money.

Easy non editor money and get rid of player
You first get your club and find a player you want to get rid of (I use useless youth players for this). then you make a new manager and have him as a manager of a rich club (e.g. UK big 4, Madrid, Barcelona, look on the rich clubs list), you set your transfer budget as the highest possible, transfer wages to transfer cash, and buy your naff player for all of your transfer bill. Then offer the player the best contract possible and they will sign and your club will be richer, then resign and repeat with another team.

Finding Great Regens
To maintain a high standard of quality players in your team as the years progress during the game it is necessary to scout and develop your own youth talent into the next generation of superstars.

To find regens (game spawned players to replace retired players) you must learn to scout effective and efficiently. First you must sign to your club some scouts with at least a 17 rating in Judging Potential Ability and Judging Current Ability. Examples of such scouts are Wolfgang Dremmler and David Hamilton.

Once you have some good scouts go to the scout screen and assign your scouts to the various youth competitions (eg Under 20 World Cup and Under 18's Leagues) with maximum age set to under 20.

Now wait and watch as your scouts scour the globe for the best new talent. Once they bring back some player reports choose what players you think youll need or want in the future and snap them up while they are young.

Easy Goals From Corners
This cheat is really simple!!!!!!!
all you have to do is have some1 with the highest corner attribute take the corners.
then you on team instruction put the corners in the 6 yard box on both right and left.
then take to players with the best headers in your team then go on player instruction of the 2 players then for corners put challenge GK.

but i think that for this cheat to work you would need the 8.0.2 patch

Sugar Daddy
With this cheat, the clubs chairmen will now be a Sugar Daddy, and will continuelsy pump money into the clubs transfer budget.

If you got to Editor, and click Clubs, you then should click your selected club. Then in the top left hand bar you want to click fiances and you will see a unticked button which is Sugar Daddy. If you are to click this then save, then load up that database and choose that team you clicked Sugar Daddy on. Your first transfer budget will be doubled, and every month you will make profits of 5ish million and will soon be unstopable.

Playing FM in Windowed Mode
Users with screen resolutions higher than 1024x768:

Click "Options" » "Preferences"
Click "Display & Sound" and uncheck "Full Screen"
Click "Confirm" to save your new settings
Users with screen resolutions at 1024x768 or lower:
Right click the game shortcut (on the desktop, the quick launch bar or in the start menu)
Go to the "Shortcut" tab
In the "Target" area, add the following: "-small_screen -windowed" without the quotes
Click "Apply" then click "OK". The game will now run in windowed mode no matter what screen resolution you're using.


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