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FM 2010 Real Time Editor V3.0.125

I'm proud to announce that a new version of FMRTE is avaiable.

This new version of FMRTE is compatible with the first patch of FM 2010 (Patch 10.1)

Changelist (121 Rev2 to 125)
- Added support to STEAM and Digital Download versions of FM
- Added a Freeze/Unfreeze button in Players profile, this feature freezes the attributes of a player..THIS FEATURE was not tested properly so use it at your own risk!!
- In clubs finances now you can select the sugar daddy type
- Club debt's are now editable
- Fixed bug in Preset Manager Staff Roles Attributes "Manager" and "Assistant Manager" were missing

This version is Compatible with:
- Football Manager 2010 Demo (all versions)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.0.1 80381 - DVD)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.1.0 84702 - DVD)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.1.0 84847 - STEAM)
- Football Manager 2010 (10.1.0 84667 - Digital Download)

- If you have WSM instead of FM, please send me an email as at this moment FMRTE is not compatible with any version of WSM.

Languages Included:
- Deutsch
- Dutch
- English
- French
- Polish
- Spanish

Download: FMRTE v3.0.125 + FMRTE Language Files


Alternative download Link

FM-GAMER - Football Manager 2010 Tools Zone


Anonymous,  Monday, 14 December, 2009  

why i can't run this program?can you help me?

Anonymous,  Sunday, 28 March, 2010  

I have fm 10.3 this program runs with it???

Anonymous,  Tuesday, 10 May, 2011  

How to transfer a player??

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