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Football Manager 2010 Update your Graphics Drivers

Hardware manufacturers are constantly updating driver software to improve the performance of their products and the latest versions of all drivers should be installed for the best performance and stability.

It should be noted that even brand new computers will very rarely be supplied with the latest drivers installed.

As some computer manufacturers insist you download drivers from their own sites, please refer to the website of your computer manufacturer before reporting issues with graphics drivers.

To verify your PCs graphics card chipset:

From the Windows desktop:

- Click Start

- Click on Run (Windows XP) or click on Start Search (Windows Vista & 7)

- Type DXDIAG in the Open field

- Click OK

This will launch the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Click on the Display and Sound tabs. The upper left box headed "Devices" shows the make and model of card; the right box headed "Drivers" shows the driver version number.

The main websites of the largest graphics cards and chipset manufacturers are:

- Nvidia (Gforce/Legacy)

Click Here

- ATI (Radeon)

Click Here

- Intel (Onboard Chipsets)

Click Here

There are other manufacturers of graphics card drivers. If you can not find drivers for these cards they may have been discontinued. Please ask in this case as we may still be able to help.

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