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Incredible Typhon Tactics for FM 2010

FM10 New Tactic: The Return of Typhon

Some of you may know of the Typhon tactic from FM09, Some of you may even have used it, and some of you will know doubt have no idea what on earth I am going on about,

Typhon was a 442/424 based tactic that I developed with great success (Although that may be a somewhat biased view) on FM09, it worked at all levels and produced fast, free flowing football that was a joy to watch.

Since the launch of FM10 I have been trying, and Failing to recreate this tactic and the free flowing football I enjoyed so much on FM09,

Failing that is, Until Now!!!!!

I have so far only tested this tactic on 10.2 with my Long Term Spurs Save, I have just completed season 2013/14,

The results I have seen this season have been awesome, A clean sweep of all trophies, Football from the top drawer and for the first time in what seems like forever (well since FM09 was carefully placed back in its box), I was Loving FM again.

Screen Shots – Fixtures, Tables, Player Ratings & Some Match Stats

(I have been having a few issues getting the Thumbnails to work so apologies but please click on the links for info around results, league tables etc, I will update to thumbnails as and when i can)

League Table


Team Stats

Fixtures 1, Fixtures 2, Fixtures 3

Some Results

FA Cup Final v’s Man City
Champions League Final v’s FC Bayern
League Cup Final v’s Sunderland
The Humiliations of Man Utd – 4 -1, 5 – 1, 4 – 0
Champions League Semi-Final v’s Barcelona
Premier league v’s Middlesbrough

This Tactic will have your forwards banging in the goals from all angles; my front two had the time of their lives feeding off the supply they received from the rest of the team.

Between them they helped themselves to 104 goals and 52 Assists, Dzeko with 42 in 55 games plus 26 assists and Sobis with 62 in 66 plus 26 assists, which is a phenomenal return from 2 players.

It also saw the team score 4 or more goals on 17 occasions through the season

This Tactic will not however make you unbeatable, defeats come with the territory and often arrive when they are least expected, as I found to my cost Away at Stoke and Everton

And whilst it is a free flowing tactic, I have been trying to shore up at the back as well, however this has seemed to be a difficult balance to strike, I have tried to Implement the principles of the NIKE Defence (Courtesy of Justified’s Park The Tank Thread) into the tactic with varying success, ranging from conceding only 2 goals in around 17 games, but that being quickly followed by conceding 14 in the next 10, so any help or feedback on the defensive set up that could help to improve it would be useful.

My Spurs Team in 2013/14 is pretty strong and therefore I am not sure how this tactic would fair with lower/mid table teams, although I am going to do some testing and maybe tweak a version for lower league if necessary, but any feedback on this point would be very useful and gratefully received.

On FM09 Typhon was one single tactic to be used in all situations, FM10 seems to be a little more complex so I have developed 2 variations.

They are in essence the same tactic but one has had minor tweaks to make it a little more solid.
The two Tactics

Typhon – Home


Typhon – Away

A link for Both is Available at the end of this Post

I hope that my Strategy is clear from the tactic names, and it is a fairly straight forward one, I use the Home formation at Home until I need to close out the game and then I switch to the Away version and vice versa for away games, I use the Away tactic to begin with and change to the Home version if I have to chase a goal

The only in game tweak to tactics that I ever make is in the away version, you need to make sure that your 2 DM/CM’s are in contact with the opposition DM/CM’s, you can usually tell if this is the case by the possession, if the 2 DM’s are in the right place you should be bossing possession at around the 58-60% level, if your DM/CM’s are not in contact with their opposite numbers then you could be on the opposite end of the possession stats, the only tweak here is to push them from the DM position to the MC position and add a Barrow to both, you should quickly see the possession turn in your favour.

Player Types
Usually I would describe the types of players etc, but I think that this time it easier to show you the players I am using and you can use those as a template, The player types required here are the exact same as for the FM09 version of the tactic and I will paste those details below the player list (I Will Update the Player Links ASAP)

GK – Gomes
DR – Vedran Corluka
DL – Gareth Bale
DC(R) – Nicolas Otamendi (Cover)
DC(L) – Mamadou Sakho (Stopper)
MC (R) – Luka Modric
MC (L) – Wilson Palacios
AMR – Mo Van Duijvenbode
AML – Mathias Defederico
FC (R) – Edin Dzeko
FC (L) – Rafael Sobis

Player Types/Attributes
GK - A decent sweeper keeper will be fine,

DR/L - More Wingbacks than Full Backs, Need good Dribbling and Crossing, good Stamina and Work Rate alongside your normal defensive qualities.

DC - Nothing Spectacular here, just good solid defense (One Stopper, One Cover)

MCL - The more defensive of the 2 MC's still gets forward at times but more of a DM,

MCR - More attacking, needs to be creative and have a good engine to get up and down the pitch, good long shots would be a bonus, Top Passing is a must.

AMR/L - Wingers, but they dont cross much, they run with the ball and cut in alot causing havoc in the defense,

FCR - The stronger of the 2 FC's, drops deeper to pick up the ball and feed your pacey striker.

FCL - Plays high up the pitch and runs at the defense alot, your main goal threat,

Team Talks
I have stuck with the same team talk pattern as FM09 and it has served me pretty well, my only tweak to this would be to ensure you praise, praise and praise again in the beginning to get the morale up to Superb/Very Good and then use the template below to maintain the morale.

Kick Off
Home(fav) Nothing,
Home (u/d) - You Can Win,
Away (fav) Nothing,
Away (u/d) Wish Luck

Half Time
Winning - Nothing,
Drawing/Losing by 1 - Disappointed, I want to See More, Wheres the passion etc
Losing by 2 or more - Angry, We Must Get a Result, Letting the Team Down

Full Time (Regardless of Result)
8+ - Delighted
6.5 - 7.9 - Pleased, Well Done
6.0 - 6.5 - Disappointed

I Do Not Use any OI’s at ALL, I find that they often counter act the tactic and make it function less effectively

For corners, Use your best right footer from the right and your best left footer from the left,
Yes we are aiming for out swingers; contrary to previous versions and the consensus that suggests in swing is the way forward.

For Free Kicks, Just use your best Free Kick specialist, footedness is not an issue here




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