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FM 10 Coach Calculator

- Features:

* Find out the exact number of stars for any given coach.

* See the total values the coach has for Strength, Aerobic, Goalkeeping, etc. as well as the number of stars. (I have no idea whether a coach with, say, 239 in Attacking (4 stars) will actually train your players better than another coach with 210 in Attacking (4 stars also) though...)

* The calculator works out the ability of the coach in all the different training categories (using percentages as opposed to stars) and tells you what he's best at.

* You can input the coach attributes using the mouse only or type in the numbers.

Operating system: Windows 95/ 98 /ME /2000 /XP /Vista/ 7
Files: FM10 coach calculator.exe, readme.nfo, readme.txt

- Instructions: Just unzip 'FM10 coach calculator.exe' and run it.

- Technical: If you have any problems with the program, update your Adobe Flash Player:

N.B.: The greyed-out fields are just there to match the format of the game screen exactly but they're not used at all in the calculations, so they can be left blank or be filled with any number you like. I'm hoping to minimise the time spent switching between screens back and forth by doing that.


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Groho Saturday, 23 January, 2010  

I've been download it.
simply great.
I'll be waiting for the update.
Maybe it could be integrated with the game automatically.

Thanks for sharing this useful tool.

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