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4-1-2-1-2 Complete Dominance tactic for FM 2010

Hello Guys, After the Fantastic success of my 'Possession Domination' Thread and Tactics I've decided to make a new one with a complete different formation and style of play.

I call this Complete Dominance because when i've used it thats what it's done, Dominated the opp so much that they can rarely get out of there own half.

the players positions are very standard i'll run through them for you so you guys know what to look for.


Aerial Ability Reflexes Handling Communication Positioning

Center backs

Heading Marking Tackling Positioning Teamwork Anticipation Strength


Stamina Positioning Crossing Tackling Workrate Teamwork Pace

Anchor Man

Passing Workrate Determination Anticipation Teamwork Stamina Tackling Strength

Center Midfield

Passing Workrate Determination First Touch Stamina Anticipation Off the ball

Attacking Midfield

Dribbling First Touch Creativity Off the ball Acceleration Pace Passing Finishing

Advanced Forward

Finishing Dribbling First Touch Technique Off the Ball Flair Pace Strength Balance Composure


Finishing First Touch Off the ball Composure Determiantion Pace Technique

there's some screenshots of match results

^^ On this screen the games with the RED outlining are the only games that he played with this tactic
These 2 sreenshots are from wes coulam who tested the tactic for me for a few games clearly he liked what he seen

^^ this one i only won 2-1 but i battered them all game and created 6 CCC's i think casillas got MOM show's how good my team was

Finally here is the Tactic Link i really hope you enjoy this tactic i think it's very good if you guys need anymore information let me know

FM10 Version 10.0 and 10l.1

CD10.1.tac CD 10-11.tac

version 10.2


Craggswfc Tweaked Better Defence Version

CD Better Defence.tac...

I'm not sure what he hads changed with this as i haven't tried it yet.

Ohanzee's Tweaked 'Classic' Version of my 10.2 tactic


This tactic is classic like FM09 so no roles or shouts in this.

Ohanzee's Classic Tactic with my elegant twist on things 'The Hybrid'

Joint venture.tac...

i changed a few things from Ohanzee's Version with fullbacks and strikers being the main things the strikers are set differently the Right Striker will be the more creative and the left the more stronger type.

Elephant Stones Tweaked tactic Very good reports about this one as it use's Justified's 'Nike' Defence set-up and it strong at the back with out losing any attacking ability

Joint venturetweak.tac...

Thanks to Everyone who has tried/commented on the tactic's above thanks very much

Some tweaks that people have made credit goes to ROONEY_08 for this one.
Change the marking on the central defenders to ZONAL and change the marking on the Left and Right Fullback from ZONAL to MAN marking and also TICK TIGHTMARKING

Credit for this one goes to HAMMER1000.
Just After kick off pause the game and use the RETAIN POSSESION, PASS TO FEET and STAY ON FEET shouts These will help defence out alot also if holding onto a lead you can change the stratagy from overload to defensive

OI's are VERY important strikers left right wide midfielders wingers and ACM's always use these Closing down and Tight Marking ALWAYS on these players



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Anonymous,  Thursday, 12 August, 2010  

the pictures don't work, which one should I use?

Anonymous,  Wednesday, 29 September, 2010  

ooo my god...FUCKING GREAT :D

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