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FM 2010 Apple Game Freezing / Crash to Desktop

If you meet the requirements and have the latest Apple Updates installed try changing the resolution and graphical 3D settings in-game:

Select Preferences from the launch menu:

Select Display & Sound

From the Windows Settings section:

Select Windowed from Display Mode.

From the 3D Settings section:

Uncheck Enable 3D Match Cameras:

From the 3D Settings section uncheck the following:

* Show Player Names
* Show Stadiums
* Show Sky
* Show Crowd
* Enable Weather Effects

Click on Confirm:

If it appears smoother or does not crash to desktop, go back into the Display & Sound settings and one at a time adjust the Display Mode while increasing the details from Graphical Detail under 3D Settings until you find a satisfactory playing level.

If you are still experiencing problems please submit a ticket through the support section for further assistance and advice.

Football Manager 2010 APPLE FAQ


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